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Location:Work from home

Target Markets: Business Services

Business Model: Recurring commission

Commission: £500 pcm for every 1,000 users (£5,000 for 10,000 users and so on)

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Our business has a team of specialist consultants who offer expert advice and support to SME businesses to help develop their sales, marketing and business development activities.  We enable growing companies to benefit from the knowledge and information gathered over many years of working within an industry sector.  Our consultants can work on projects over a 3-12 months period with specific KPI’s offering clients the right support without worrying about the recruitment process and HR issues that come with short-term employment contracts.


We act as an agent for a new health & wellbeing App called REVOOLA ( which helps people improve both their physical and mental health & wellbeing.  It’s a fact that companies spend a fortune on constantly recruiting and training new staff.  Retaining good people is a science but executed well it can save companies thousands if not millions of pounds.  REVOOLA is inclusive and helps people with different health and fitness levels to be more active and more relaxed.  Keeping your employees happy, inspired and engaged is a challenge but its a well known fact that both physical activity and mental relaxation helps keep people more alert with more energy to apply to their job.  REVOOLA works by monitoring all your activities through an easy-to-use App that enables you to measure the Real Effort Value you apply to an activity so its not about how fit you are it measures how you apply yourself.  You can join friends, family and colleagues in challenges,  track individual activity such as walks, runs, rides, etc or attend online workout classes, yoga or mental relaxation.

Target market

There are a number of companies that help companies with employee benefit schemes bringing together a range of services to keep staff happy whether its a voucher scheme, gym membership, health insurance, etc.  We need someone to help identify these companies, find out who expires new services and engage with them over the phone.  Over the initial months we will develop a database of industry contacts in this area along with other businesses and corporate clients that approach us as a result of our social media and marketing campaigns.

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Exogard is a market leader in bicycle frame protection products. With extensive experience in supplying custom frame protection, Exogard is…

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Ideal Profile

We are looking for people who have an interest in living healthy lifestyles who can see the tangible benefits REVOOLA can deliver.  They will have experience of marketing products over the phone, be comfortable cold calling and building rapport with clients.  They understand the sales process and can close deals when a customer shows an interest and sees the business benefits.  They can overcome objections such as we already have a fitness App and know how their product USP’s compare to alternatives in the sector.

Candidates will earn commission on everyone member of staff that signs up which is paid every month for the duration of the contract.  This enables the successful person to build a reoccurring revenue and guaranteed income.