Location: UK - Nationwide

Industry: Beauty & Wellness, Building & materials, Food & Drink, Garden, DIY, Manufacturing & Industry, Medical / Pharmaceutical, Retail & FMCG

Commission: Up to 30% discount on end-user list price

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000 / £10000 - £100000

Sales Type: B2B sales

Create your own industrial inkjet business

Create your own industrial inkjet business and enjoy lasting after-market ink revenue from your installed base.
T-Mark is an e-commerce site supplying high-resolution inkjet printers to industrial customers. Our printers can be used for marking products with barcodes, logos, shift and date information.
We offer handheld printers as well as fixed-position, multi-head systems for installation onto a production line.
We also offer a printer using a UV curing system for printing onto non-porous substrates with black and white inks.


T-Mark offers high-resolution printers suitable for a variety of industrial applications from printing barcodes to logos on both porous and non-porous packaging materials. The printers are manufactured in China and are low cost and easy to maintain.

Sojet printers use the the well proven HP technology, and have these advantages:

- Sharp print quality, reliable performance more max line efficiency.
- Easy to install, commission, maintain – no service hassles.
- Sensible pricing for market appeal.

Yeacode printers use sharp piezo heads, 32mm high, and have these advantages:

- Sharp print quality, reliable print head performance.
- Innovative bulk ink cartrige system gives reasonable running costs.
- Intergrated UV LED control from printer user interface.


The target market for these products is broad and varied. With traceability a key element in any supply chain, there is demand from all sectors to print origination and date information onto primary, secondary and tertiary packaging.

Ideal Profile

Ideally, a candidate should have a level of technical know-how to be able to demonstrate programmable inkjet printers to end users. They will need to be prepared to invest in some samples for demonstrations (which will be subsidised by T-Mark). They will be free to build up their own customer base without interference from T-Mark and yet rely on our guidance for service and technical support.

The opportunity is of interest as it means introducing new, competitively priced and easy-to-maintain printers to a wide market and offers the prospect of a reliable revenue stream from the supply of ink after the initial printer purchase.

Dealers can access up to 30% discount on the end-user list price depending on their level of investment in and commitment to the sales programme.