Company name: SLIM-CEUTICALS

Location: Ireland / UK - Nationwide

Industry: Beauty & Wellness

Commission: 10% b2b 30% b2c

Deal Size: N/A

Sales Type: B2B sales / Face 2 Face / Online Sales / Telesales

Clinically proven weight loss & health-boosting cordial

Slim-Ceuticals combines some of natures’ most powerful slimming ingredients with Nutriceutical health elements to bring you the world’s first clinically proven weight loss and health boosting cordial.

We aimed to push & pull at the boundaries to bring our customers the most revolutionised nutraceutical product around and we were not prepared to compromise on anything.

We asked ourselves, what do people want most in the world?

And whilst we know that a winning lottery ticket will be high on a lot of peoples’ lists, we actually believe that what people really want most in the world is to be happy and healthy. And THAT is our goal here at Slim-Ceuticals.

Of course, whilst creating health and happiness, we had to ensure that we weren’t taking any away from anyone else or anything else which is why LIFE is full of SUPER plants and not chemicals; it’s vegan friendly, gluten free, absolutely cruelty free, 100% recyclable/compostable packaging and is manufactured in our carbon neutral laboratories.

And the cherry on top? We didn’t want our customers to have to wonder “does this REALLY work?” so we sent our LIFE recipe off to an independent clinical test centre so they could conduct a test in a controlled environment and they could tell us what effects LIFE has on real people with absolutely no cheating, no opinions, no reviews….just clinically proven facts.

Backed by nature, science and independent clinical trials……We are so proud to introduce you into the world of Slim-Ceuticals.

Life live happy & healthy!


The world’s first clinically proven weight loss and health boosting cordial powered by PLANTS. A revolution in the nutriceutical health industry.

Clinically proven to achieve weight loss, have you feeling better, improve your mental health and lower your BMI in 30 days without calorie counting.

Get back to YOU and live LIFE happy & healthy!



B2b – Weight loss clinics, beauty retailers, health stores, clinics

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