Midnight Roots Ltd

Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / South East / South West / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Beauty & Wellness

Benefits: Distributor - (investment / buy stock)

Commission: 10%

Deal Size: £100 - £1000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

We are a UK luxury clinical and therapeutics cosmetics team. We specialise in formulating and handcrafting a natural and organic, plant based scalp massage ointment for maximising hair growth amongst women of African ancestry and women who experience reduced hair growth symptoms. These symptoms can often be caused by a range of environmental factors, unhealthy scalp care habits and hair care challenges that are often culturally misunderstood amongst black women growing 4c hair and women of ethnicities who grow similar hair textures.We are currently operating from a bespoke private hybrid cosmetic workshop facility built by our visionary and Birmingham City crafts man for high-end small batch production. Our team of handcrafting specialists and scalp care consultants are always advancing in their on-going training with the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions now over, to ensure state of the art workflow infrastructure within our main service centre facility, in Birmingham City Centre, UK.We also welcome pre-booked private clients to purchase directly from us at our service centre facility in Cleveland Tower, Holloway Head as our main facility is a legally registered private premises in which an on site scheduled pick up of your H.G.E can be arranged.We are not yet licensed to book appointments for personal one to one scalp care therapy with our clients, although it shall soon be possible for clients to book appointments with one of our holistic naturalist mentors for clinical advice on regaining your natural hair growth.


The signature H.G.E. Scalp Massage Ointment is truly an ancient royal hair product for an African crowns maximised hair growth – Midnight Roots offers our cold-pressed scalp massage ointment in a 60ml glass jar. Handcrafted with intrinsic natural oils and extracts, it’s enough to grace the scalp’s key reduced hair growth areas with a healthy supply of nourishment up to twice daily for 2 to 3 months.H.G.E is uniquely balanced for a luxury life style living, beauty therapists or transitioning naturalists scalp care and hair growth routine. H.G.E is best for black African women who may not necessarily suffer with a damaged scalp, but are challenged in gaining increased hair volume and length.Bask your kinks and curls in this scalp ointment formula and embrace your roots with traditional hands on massaging techniques. Whilst restoring strength and shine to your hair, experience the luxurious quality of this organic and natural cosmetic.

Target market

Black women of full Afro-ethnicity – Our studies have revealed that there are cultural, social and genetic links to many of the reduced hair growth symptoms that women of African ancestry experience. Environmental factors and lifestyle choices and of course medical related health issues may also certainly cause women to experience reduced hair growth. Midnight Roots Ltd is had to consider these reasons for developing a cutting-edge product design and bespoke brand identity to promote the socials to such sensitive ethnic beauty and identity challenges that currently occur across the global African diaspora, due to miseducation and misrepresentation of cultural beauty standards.

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We are looking for women who can essentially market to women from a clinical standpoint and cultural standpoint.

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