Claim Technology

Location: Work from home

Target Markets: Business Services, Finance & Insurance, Software & Applications

Business Model: Commission-based

Commission: £99 per qualified lead+ based on prospect maturity/size

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings) / Online sales (no need to talk to customer) / Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

We help services businesses automate their business processes in the cloud and create the experience their customers really want.


We have been awards finalists 12 times in the last 2 years and were winner the 2019 of the Technology Innovation of the Year award.

What’s the idea?

All service-based businesses like banks, insurers, estate agents or plumbers suffer from a common problem of customers not being able to easily self-serve basic processes, such as;

  • verifying the identity of new customers
  • collecting information/completion of forms
  • getting customer consent/digital signatures
  • collecting remote payments 
  • handling complaints or claims. 
  • a combination of the above

Websites may allow you to start this, but very quickly you’re back into a manual process or return to find your data has been lost and you have to start all over again. It doesn’t have to be this way.  Any service business can automate complex business processes securely in the cloud using our customer self-serve app and 1-click solutions marketplace.  

What type of processes are platform users automating?

  • Forms
  • Quotes
  • Appointments
  • Call-backs
  • Digital payments

There are hundreds of potential ways in which our platform and eco-system can automate your business. 

All journeys can be designed by anyone with no coding skills but we also have an in-house team that can fully design, build and manage automated service for them.

The cost?

There are no set-up fees, training fees or per user fees.  

We offer simple PAYG pricing from £1 per process (min £300 per month) 

We offer volume discounts 

There are no contractual minimums or tie-ins.  

How do they get started?

We offer a free 14 day trial and £2,000 of innovation funding from our consulting team to help clients automate their first automated customer journeys.

Business Process-as-a-Service: automate what you need, when you need it

Some Example Marketplace Solutions

Our marketplace has plug&play solutions that are ready to test, including;

  • Identity Checker – let new customers verify their identity without having to go through hoops
  • Livestream Video – see what the customer sees as they upstream a video or photos and you help resolve their issue over the phone.
  • Co-browsing – does your customer need help to correctly complete your form? Co-browse the webpage with them so they don’t abandon the process.

How’s It Work?

This demo video shows how a business can;

  • Automate an SMS to a client following a short phone call 
  • Customer clicks on a link and enters the required information, uploads the relevant evidence and signs a document.  
  • Customer receives gentle digital reminders if the task is outstanding.
  • Once complete (or after X hours), all information can be transferred to the company via email or directly into their main systems via automated APIs.  

Target Market

Our platform of plug-and-play solutions already automate processes and add client self-serve capabilities to a range of insurance, financial and legal companies, along with a wide range of motor related businesses. 

Our core markets are the UK, EU, USA and Australia. Our platform supports all languages and we work with global businesses.

As we grow we’re now looking to expand depth into those markets, while also increasing breadth, to cover the wider set of opportunities our technology offers.

    Ideal Sales Agents

    We are offering sales agents a fixed payment per lead with additional commission for more developed leads. This is an opportunity to create a substantial income stream from your networks of connections and contacts in the target market.

    This is an introduction model, with additional payments for high quality leads that agents have spent time on developing.

    What our platform offers is unique and gives businesses a platform where they can access solutions to automate the day-to-day running of the business. This automated technology would otherwise be out of reach for all but the largest of enterprises, that have the budget for expensive in-house solutions and the costly maintenance.  

    If you have contacts in the insurance, finance, legal and motor related sectors, use the Apply Button today and tell us why you are a good fit for this opportunity.

    We’ll also consider opportunities from outside the core industries, where a need has been identified with the prospect and a qualified use-case can be explored.