Carrs Welding Technology Ltd

Location: North East / North West / Scotland / Work from home

Target Markets: Manufacturing & Industry

Business Model: Commission-based / Recurring commission

Commission: To be agreed, some where between 10% and 20%.

Deal Size: £100 - £1000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings) / Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Carrs Welding Technologies – Laser weld production parts and repair of precision engineered components

Carrs Welding Technologies offer services to laser weld production parts and repair precision engineered components, such as moulds, jigs, and fixtures.

We are a small, highly specialised welding company, successful in the Midlands and now looking to grow the business in northern England and Scotland.

We have been around since 2000 and before that in 1992 we set up completing tool repairs and still have some of those original customers with us.

Carrs is family owned business, where the loyalty and commitment of the staff is valued and it shows in the service we give to our customers.

Sales agents will have the opportunity to build ongoing repeat commission from long-term repeat business.

We offer excellent service and support giving agents confidence in the services they are presenting.

We are looking for sales partners in the North East, North West, and Scotland to add our services to their current offers to customers. View our website for more information and contact us to discuss how we can form a mutually beneficial relationship.

The Services

At Carrs we specialise in laser welding of production parts and repair of precision engineered components, including jigs and fixtures. Agents will be offering 2 streams of work to potential clients:

1) Repeat production work

We weld assemblies together with the laser. These jobs often take some time to get started, when Carrs might help with the design of a new product or component. The design is often prototyped and Carrs will assemble and weld the first parts for the customer to test and try out.

There may be several rounds of testing and re-trying. When a final design is qualified, we can be months, sometimes years, into the project.

This time lapse is good for both sides to get to know each other, and Carrs will soon know if the product has been successful in the field and is going to be an ongoing product.

Some products go no further, but others are then made for many years, and Carrs enjoy  a regular job that can sometimes include welding batches every month.

This offers sales agents a service to present to industry that generates long term, repeat revenue.

2) Quick turn round repairs

Carrs are specialists in the repair of damaged precision tools or worn out moulds. We weld the worn or damaged areas, which can then be re-machined back to the original size and specification.

Customers are always looking for a quick turn round, and there are good margins to be made for a reliable long lasting repair.

The 2 services when put together offer sales partners both the opportunity for repairs with a quick turn around and short sales cycle, and the production work with a longer sales cycle and larger potential earnings from commission.


Carrs target markets are medium to large engineering companies, often serving the automotive and aerospace industry, but could also be manufacturers for medical assemblies and plastic components.

The laser is best presented to target customers as an alternative to conventional welding processes when a fusion weld is needed but low temperature is demanded. For example: if a device contains electronic components or must be sealed to the environment.

Full training on target markets will be provided with examples of the services we can provide.


Ideal Sales Agent Profile

We are looking for a self assured representative with contacts and customers within engineering companies in decision making positions.

Agents are expected to make initial contact with potential new clients and gain an understanding of their needs. Carrs will offer full support and technical assistance to gain the business as it is often a technical sale.

We find that 2/3rds of our customers take repeat orders and some will come back year after year, so agents have a great opportunity to build up an area and a substantial ongoing income.

Talk to us at Carrs Welding Technologies by using the Apply Button below and include your relevant experience and current related sales activity.