Location: Work from home

Target Markets: Medical / Pharmaceutical

Business Model: Recurring commission

Commission: £10/month Y1 £5/m Y2 & £2/m Y3 based on Ent license

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

Recurring SAAS opportunity for unique Sales Performance App on IOS and Android

QDOS Performance is a SaaS platform for sales leaders to gain real-time insights on how their salesforce is performing on customer experience and sales activity

We are a start-up looking to accelerate the growth of our unique sales team performance dashboard and application.

Our solution is aimed at organisations who have business to business sales teams, who would like to improve the productivity of their sales teams.

With our platform sales leaders can understand key challenges about their teams:

How does a sales leader know that their sales teams are performing at optimal levels?

Are your sales teams enhancing customer loyalty?

Are the sales team doing the right thing in the meetings?

Our gamified app for sales teams logs essential meeting details and triggers the customer experience survey

Crucial meeting data is grabbed truthfully and easily. Gamification and transparency intensifies competition within sales team

In partnership with the Business School at Keele University, QDOS have created four unique questions that go to the heart of every sales meeting. The responses formulate the QDOS Score for the sales person/teams

The QDOS dashboard allows sales leaders to know what good looks like. It helps them replicate high performance across their entire sales teams


It’s simple, just one!

We would like you to sell our Software to any organisation that has business to business sales team! Our application can fit any market and scale up from 1 user with no limitation.

The business pays a monthly subscription to use the platform and app.

The app is compatible with iPhone and Android, self installs and is easy to use.


Our target markets are organisations with field based sales teams such as:





In fact any business with a sales team is approachable!

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Ideal Profile

We are looking for candidates who understand sales and sales performance, can articulate the offer to prospective clients. Within our clients, the buyers tend to be sales leaders who manage sales teams.

The list price for the service is £20/month for our enterprise edition.