Location:London / Work from home

Target Markets: Beauty & Wellness

Business Model: Commission-based

Commission: Uncapped commission and earning potential.

Deal Size: Flexible

The World’s First Wellbeing Gym, for the Whole Family.

We are on a mission to improve human health through education, support and care. On our platform we offer our members the following:

  • Live Classes for Physical, Nutritional and Mental Wellbeing
  • Blog
  • Podcast
  • Resources
  • On Demand (professionally filmed and edited)

We believe kindness is key and that everyone deserves to feel happiness.

kindcody company is looking for an ambitious business development executive to assist in various stages of the sales funnel, including creating awareness of new offerings, generating leads, and retaining customers.

The ideal candidate will be a great fit for our new, energetic and creative team. You’ll gain hands-on experience working on challenging, meaningful projects with guidance from the CEO and Founder.



We have a corporate package where a company buys our service for a fixed fee pcm/pa.

Our Service offers their people access to the whole kindcody platform, a certain number of bespoke classes just for the company, access to 1-1 counselling, personal training and more.

kindcody is a preventive health service, built to increase wellbeing before traditional employee assistance and recognition programs are required.

Our mission is to improve employee and organisational health through education, inspiration and care.

Wouldn’t it be great if all your people were healthy, happy and hardworking?

“A healthy person today, is a happy person tomorrow.”


Physical, Nutritional and Mental healthcare for the entire team.

We improve the return on people by reducing the cost of employee ill-health. We match wellbeing professionals with corporate clients.

An Uber for wellbeing.


We allow organisations to improve Physical, Nutritional and Mental wellbeing of their employees with one platform which saves time and costs for management.

We can pivot very quickly which gives us an advantage over large eap providers. This allows us to add new products and improve our services as we learn from our customers using the platform.

Being an online platform we have access to the very best professionals across the country and are not restricted by location.

Target market

The kindcody platform is available throughout the UNITED KINGDOM.

Our focus is related to employee headcount and you should approach your work week with 80% time being allocated to headcount’s of 50-500 employees which is TIER 1.

The Remaining 20% for larger TIER 2 organisations.

TIER 1 / Companies with 50-500 employees.

TIER 2 / Companies with 500+ employees.

INDUSTRY / Not selective at this point.


We always recommend reaching out directly to the CEO/Founders of an organisation as it will ultimately be them that decides and approves the uptake of kindcody.

It will save you time and effort if you are able to secure a meeting with the founders.

In many cases, due to their busy schedule and responsibilities they will insist you approach the HR team direct with your proposed offering,

** Take the details of the proposed staff member and proceed with gratitude.

Now you have a recommended lead from the CEO/Founder.

Head of Human Resources have been our most successful prospects to engage with as they are responsible for employee benefits, rewards and support.

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Ideal Profile

  • Able to drive (ideal)
  • Confident to cold call and email
  • Product Knowledge: you take an unparalleled interest in our products/ services and you ask questions to understand kindcody to the highest quality.
  • Build Relationships: you have a track record of nurturing effective, professional relationships. You can articulate exactly what is being sold, in a natural and positive way.
  • Empathy: you care about the customer, you take time to understand their pain points and listen to their needs first.
  • Resilient: sales brings rejection, fact. You are someone who can handle rejection without taking it personally. You are not easily discouraged.
  • Disciplined to Follow Up
  • Ambition and Drive: you want to go far, you have big dreams for your life, you thrive off success and are highly motivated.
  • Willing to take Risks
  • Tenacity: You’re not afraid to BE BOLD. You’re not afraid to be tested. You’re not afraid to grow. You’re not afraid to make mistakes.


  • Work on increasingly challenging and engaging projects that are wired to care for others
  • Gain hands-on experience in each stage of the sales role
  • Access to the kindcody platform and all membership benefits (access for friends and family for free too)
  • Work closely with the CEO and Founders of kindcody and be apart of a growing start-up
  • Attend meetings, events, and other networking opportunities
  • Zoom-Free Fridays
  • Work finishes at 3:30 on Friday
  • Rewards and Recognition
  • The chance to be at the start of something very exciting: career progression and business development.