Location: London / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales

Target Markets: Sport / Outdoor

Business Model: Exclusive region / Recurring commission

Commission: 30% a month, 40% for the 6th month and 50 % for the 12th mnt

Deal Size: N/A

Brand New – A.I Powered; Subjective & Non-Intrusive, Project & Business Time Analysis Tools

Automatic Audit is where Project and Business time is examined.

It’s a new layer of technology that brings together Subjective & Non-Intrusive – Business and Project Time Analysis.

Today, for mid to large sized companies to accurately know how much time they have invested in any Integration project, Development Project or even Billable Hours, employees need to manually fill out time sheets or management need to estimate. 

We are the only company who can give you this data to the minute completely automatically, additionally we can tell you how productive your company is without infringing on the privacy of your employees.

This Data is crucial for sustainable growth, planning, cost and price forecasting. Time is the companies most expensive and valuable asset and Before AUTOMATIC AUDIT there was no way to count it.

Why Us?

  • Unique Metrics In the Global Market
  • Quick ROI thanks to Instant Business Remediation Plan
  • Built for Management
  • Non-Intrusive – GDPR compliant


We have two seperate platform, TeamAudit that measures company time, and Time audit that measures Project time. we wish to sell these analysis systems for:

Team Audit 6 USD monthly payment (per endpoint/employee) or 90 USD per installation (per endpoint/employee)

Time Audit 7 USD monthly payment (per endpoint/employee) or 105 USD per installation (per endpoint/employee)

Both 10 USD monthly payment (per endpoint/employee) or 135 USD per installation (per endpoint/employee)


Target Customers:

Both products, Team Audit and Time Audit are aimed at companies who have too many employees for top management to be able to follow what everyone is doing every day, companies who are not centralised and companies whose employees work from home.

Target Title/Position:

Team Audit is aimed at CEOs and COOs who need to understand what is happening in their organization in a fast and efficient way.

Time Audit is aimed at the CFO, COO and the Head of Project, Head of Development, in order to be able to accurately calculate the human investment that has been put into a project.

Ideal Customer:

Our ideal customers are mid to large sized companies who have either grown quickly recently and are disorganised or who are large organisations with disparate offices, freelance teams, and remote workers. We would estimate employee count here to be in three different tiers of which our marketing and sales strategies will be tailored.

Tier 1:  between 200 to 1,000 employees, Tier 2: between 1,000 and 5,000 employees and Tier 3: between 5,000 and 20,000 employees.

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Ideal Profile

We are looking for sales people who are flexible. we want to be as generous as possible with any deal and will offer a large commision.