Blue Earth Clean. U.G.

Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Facilities Management, HRC, Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe, Retail & FMCG

Business Model: Commission-based / Recurring commission

Commission: TBA

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)


Sales Agent opportunities selling a revolutionary range of laundry products packed and filled in a unique way. Water soluble laundry sheets for all types of laundry, environmentally friendly, phosphate and preservative free, and many more benefits.

We are looking for agents with sales experience and existing contacts in niche retail markets and online sales operations, the professional and commercial cleaners’ sector, and trade outlets in the supply chain. We are offering exclusive sales areas across the UK for commission sales agents.

Blue Earth Clean is a new company set up specifically to develop and market cleaning products packed in water soluble sheets, but with historical links in the manufacture of personal and household care products dating back without interruption to 1825. Our first range of cleaning products packed in water soluble sheets is the range of laundry sheet products we are now offering to sales agents.

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    Blue Earth Clean. U.G.

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    Stephen Craine

The products

The products are a range of water soluble laundry sheets for the washing of all types of laundry, presented under the brand name, BLUE EARTH CLEAN.

The products provide a revolutionary new wave in cleaning clothes that’s clean, light, and environmentally friendly, with many unique benefits for sales agents to present to customers.

One eco-sheet washes a 4 to 5 kilo load of clothes effortlessly. The load can be washed effectively at a temperature as low as 20C. The eco-sheets have been developed to be easy to use and so much better for the planet.

Our full range of three products include:

  • One product for white -only laundry.
  • One product specifically for coloured laundry.
  • One product suitable for those allergic to fragrances.

A unique range that your customers and contacts will want to hear more about.

Why Work With Us

Our innovative range of products put us at the forefront of the laundry products market and offer the following benefits to domestic and commercial end users:

  • Use just one single sheet to wash clean a 4-5 kg load, making it easy and cost-effective to use.
  • Light to carry, convenient and easy for use when travelling, and a child lock seal.
  • Great money saving benefits making it an affordable alternative.
  • Suitable for washing all types of laundry by machine or by hand.
  • Not tested on animals and phosphate and preservative free.
  • Blue Green Earth products offer excellent skin protection.
  • Washes at all temperatures and dissolves instantly.
  • Reusable, environmentally friendly packaging.


The target markets in the niche Retail Sector include:

  • A key target market is the supermarket chains selling mainly bio-products.
  • Farm shops, Well-Being outlets, Health Food shops e.g. Holland & Barret.
  • Retail chains such as Timson/Johnson Cleaners/ B&M.
  • Zero waste and environment focused shops.
  • Online food and home delivery companies.
  • Holiday and staycation retail outlets.
  • Sales can be made to large and small businesses in the retail supply chain


The target markets in the Professional Cleaners and Commercial sectors are:

Any business and commercial or industrial premises where the washing of laundry takes place.

Professional cleaning companies, commercial operations in hospitality and tourist sectors, and commercial laundrettes.

Private and public hospitals, care homes, and residential facilities, and all premises with staff, visitors, or customers are potential customers.

Sales can be made to large and small outlets in the supply chain to the above prospects.

The target markets in the retail and commercial sectors are huge and give sales agents endless opportunities to use their existing network of contacts and customers, and to source new prospects, and earn a substantial income from a new product range with many benefits.

Ideal Sales Agent Profile

The ideal sales agents will have a good network of contacts and customers within the above target markets.

It is expected that agents will have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, and must be comfortable selling at all levels from shop floor managers to corporate buyers and business owners.

This opportunity requires a consultative sales approach with a message of, ‘Try the products and see the difference for yourself.

We are offering exclusive sales areas throughout the UK and a rewarding commission rate to be discussed with the right agents.’

To learn more about this opportunity, use the APPLY BUTTON below and include your relevant sales experience, current sales activity, location, and how you will sell our products in your exclusive area.