Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Garden, DIY, Manufacturing & Industry, Other

Business Model: Commission-based

Commission: 50% plus – depends on how well the agent can sell it.

Deal Size: £100 – £1000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

Blocksil X1 Degreaser is a ready to use cleaning agent used by a wide range of industries and commercial services and is ideal for agents to sell to retailers and trade suppliers.

A huge target market for sales agents to approach and an opportunity to earn substantial commission on sales.

A diverse range of customers means high sales numbers are achievable despite the current challenges affecting many other products.

Commission: 50% plus dependent on sales price – Uncapped earnings.

Sales agents opportunities nationwide for sales to Industrial and commercial businesses, e.g. superb product for cleaning filling station forecourt and other large commercial surface areas.  

If you have contacts and customers in retail or trade outlets, or industrial and commercial businesses, this could be the ideal product to add to your range of sales offers.

Blocksil – The Business

Blocksil Ltd set up in 2012 as a specialist coatings consultancy, primarily to the roofing industry. Led by experienced coatings industry professionals, Guy Williams, Chris Knowles and Clive Checkley, we have broadened our support to include the automotive, rail, construction, civil engineering and energy sectors.

We support our clients through imagining, designing, developing and supplying innovative industrial and commercial coating solutions to key infrastructure organisations.

The company is independent and privately owned, so we can work with our clients in the way they want us to. We are also a confidential company and can work out of sight and offer white label solutions where required.

Blocksil X1 Degreaser – The Product

The product sales agents will be selling is our new X1 Degreaser. Blocksil X1 Degreaser is a ready to use cleaning agent that can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, both domestic and industrial. It removes grease and oil and other greasy deposits such as soot, nicotine, street and traffic dirt. X1 Degreaser does not attack steel, aluminium or most plastics, and can be tested first on an inconspicuous area on varnished surfaces. The Degreaser is based on the latest surfactant chemistry.

Blocksil X1 Degreaser uses

  • Removes dirt and grime all around the home, including tiles and floors.
  • Use on garden and outdoor furniture, gardening and mechanical equipment.
  • Vehicles: Degreasing paintwork and wheels prior to polishing, use on hinges and engines.
  • Motorbikes and cycles: Removing grime, pre-cleaning chains and gearing prior to re-oiling.
  • Marine: Many uses and applications for all types of commercial and recreational marine craft.
  • Caravans and mobile homes: General maintenance and after seasonal breaks prior to re-commissioning.
  • Pathways and drives: Lifts oil and other stains for domestic and commercial premises.
  • General degreasing demands in industrial and manufacturing plants.

Blocksil X1 Degreaser is a multipurpose product for home users, industrial operations such as manufacturing and processing, and commercial services including cleaning and maintenance providers. It can be sold direct to industrial and commercial users and to retailer and trade outlets.

Whilst there are other degreasers out there, the X1 was designed by taking the best performing aspects of other products and producing it at a lower cost. Testing has shown it to perform exceptionally well, even on a cleaned surface. Test sales carried out by Blocksil have shown a real interest in X1 from the target markets.

We are looking for sales agents that have customers and connections in businesses that sell to domestic or commercial and industrial users, and agents already selling directly to industrial and commercial customers.

Further products from the Blocksil range will become available for sales through agents.

Applying and using Blocksil X1 Degreaser

Blocksil X1 Degreaser is applied by spraying the surface and leaving it to soak in for a few minutes.  Coarse dirt is removed with cleaning paper and rinsed with a brush, sponge, or microfibre cloth and clean water.

Larger areas such as forecourts, drives, and engine bays, can be hosed down to remove the X1 and the grease.

X1 Degreaser comes in boxes of 12 x 1 litre trigger sprays. When comparing to other products you’ll notice lot of competitor’s products are sold in 750ml triggers, so at first they appear cheaper in price than X1 Degreaser which is sold in 1 Litre sprays. For industrial and commercial users X1 Degreaser is available in 20 litre cans.

The Target Market

The target markets for Blocksil X1 Degreaser are:

  • Trade outlets supplying commercial and industrial users.
  • Industrial and commercial users buying direct.
  • Retail outlets selling to domestic end users.

The 3 target markets and the hundreds of ways X1 Degreaser can be utilised offer sales agents a huge target market to approach. Whether you are selling to retail outlets, trade suppliers, or direct to industry, this is a product that will complement your current range and give you the advantage of offering a high-quality product that is competitively priced.

For reseller customers wanting to purchase reasonable volumes, we are happy to offer a white label service.

The Ideal Sales Agents

The ideal sales agents will have existing networks of contacts and customers in decision making positions within the target markets defined above. You will have the relevant sales skills and experience to establish your customer’s needs for X1 Degreaser and be able to clearly explain the features and benefits specific to their business.

Sales agents will be selling to customers at all levels, from shop floor managers, mid-management, to board room level buyers, and will need flexible communication styles and skills.

For sales to some customers, the X1 Degreaser 1 litre trigger spray is a product that lends itself to having stock available in the car for demonstration and for an immediate first order during arranged site visits, cold calling, and sales appointments.

For other customers, a presentation may be required to show the quality, applications, and the results that can be achieved and how they benefit the customer.

Full product training will be provided.

An excellent commission of 50% plus is available to sales professionals that can achieve results.