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Telling our story is proof that the answer to many of our daily doubts and problems rest within ourselves. It’s when life throws a curveball at us or when we have an obstacle to pass that we show what we can really achieve and what we are really made of. Handy Gym was created in response to 11 years of Parkinson’s where each day our CEO Manuel Montes was struggling with a battle that challenged his energy, effort and motivation.

Then one day everything changed when he decided to do something for himself and take matters into his own hands. In 2015, this amazing adventure began to take its first steps where the main goal was to create a portable gym that allowed him to work out whenever he wanted, wherever he wanted and however he wanted. An innovative alternative to traditional training that helps any kind of person or user to train in a safe, new and comfortable way. Partnering with Michael Pérez, founder and creator of Micaton, let them find the wonders of inertial training to develop the Handy Gym system. Inertial technology is a system used by NASA to keep the astronauts fit in an environment where gravity does not exist.

What was just a dream quickly became a reality after more than 6000 hours of work in association with experts from the University of Vigo and nowadays, it’s been approved by many associations, many recovery centers, and by many elite athletes around the world.


Handy Gym works through two inertial discs which are capable of converting their turn into strength or resistance.

The secret is that the cone of this machine and the special epicyclic gear multiply 13,5 times the speed of the axis and reduce the disc mass 182,25 times and in consequence the weight of all the machine.

In terms of training and/or recovery efficiency, the inertial technology is the top option thanks to its capability to offer an incredibly concentric training, but also a very important eccentric training.

Target market

Our main customers are athletes, physical trainers, personal trainers, physiotherapists and performance trainers. Also, we have sold a lot of products to Sports Federations, NBA Teams, NFL Teams, NHL Teams, etc. They use Handy Gym mainly when they are away from home and have to train using weight, as you can understand, they can not carry heavy equipment. This is something that we have seen in our customers repeatedly, for example, National Brazilian Voleibol Olympic Team also purchased Handy Gym for the same reasons. Every customer has a reason to pick Handy Gym, the clinics need a portable and small device to rehab their patients and Handy Gym has those benefits among others too. You can watch some videos of our clients here:



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