Bateel International

Location: Work from home

Industry: Food & Drink, Gifts & Crafts

Business Model: Commission-based

Commission: Your commission will depend on the volume of sales.

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings) / Online sales (no need to talk to customer) / Telesales (sales closed over the phone)


Sales agent opportunities in the gift and luxury food sectors.

Bateel are renowned cultivators and suppliers of premium dates for the gift and gourmet food markets. We offer beautifully presented gifts for sale to a wide range of gift retailers and suitable for all occasions and celebrations. The range is also popular as unique corporate gifts that will be appreciated and remembered. Plus, we can supply the high-end, gourmet food supply chain.

Already successful internationally, we now want to talk with potential sales partners within the target markets in the UK.

The products

Bateel are cultivators of the world’s only gourmet dates packaged in

luxury hand-painted wooden gift boxes.

Rooted in Arabian culture and hospitality since 1936, Bateel enjoys an unparalleled legacy as the world’s only gourmet date grower, producer, and seller.

Our product range includes top varieties of premium dates and gourmet products presented in different size gift boxes, starting from a small 4-piece gift set to luxury hand-painted wooden boxes.

Ideal as a gift that stands out on any occasion and in the corporate gift sector, and when sold from high-end gourmet outlets.

Sales agents will be presenting an excellent range of products that can be tailored to meet the budget of all clients. Visit our website to understand the quality of the dates and the prestige offered by the wrapping and gift packaging.

World Class Production from Bateel

Date Farming – Date Processing – Manufacturing – Warehouse & Distribution all done in house to enhance the superiority of the product and ensure it meets our customer expectations.

As soon as the dates are harvested by hand in Saudi Arabia, they are immediately stored to halt further ripening and lock in the flavours. The fruit is then cleaned using state-of-the-art technology, before being assessed and graded to match stringent standards for size, colour, translucency and skin condition. This ensures quality and consistency and is why every Bateel date is the best of the best.

The dates are then transported to our world-class, fully integrated facility in Dubai, where a team of dedicated artisans prepare and stuff dates with premium nuts, fruits, and chocolate. The fruit is incredibly delicate, so it’s a highly-skilled craft that we still complete entirely by hand.

The result, a product for sales agent to present that will delight the end customers and support our renowned reputation in the international gift and gourmet food sectors.

The Target Market

We are a fast growing company looking for a means to distribute our high-quality gourmet products in the UK. We invite highly skilled  commercial agents or exclusive distributors/sole distributors to join us as long-term partners.

The target markets we want to approach are:

The bespoke gifts market

Our range of products make ideal gifts for all occasions: weddings, Christmas, New Year, Birthdays, Religious Celebrations, Thank-you presents, and all other occasions for celebration or gifting.

Corporate gifting

The uniqueness of our high-quality range of boxed gifts makes this an ideal token to present to employees, clients, and suppliers. The beautiful designs and exquisite tastes of the gift will give an international flavour to the image of any business and be remembered by the people that are important.

Premium dates and gourmet products

Wherever premium, gourmet food is prepared, served, or sold our dates will be a fitting addition to the menu or product range. This is not a product range aimed at supermarkets, the target markets are high-end outlets for discerning customers.

Ideal Sales Agent Profile

We would like to talk to commercial sales agents with experience in the target markets to discuss forming sales partnerships in the UK.

We are offering excellent commission on sales for high-volume orders and looking for long-term relationships that are mutually rewarding.

Agents will need to have experience, and a good knowledge of the marketplaces related to the gift sector, sales to businesses of corporate gifts, and the premium dates, gourmet food products sector.

We are an international business with a successful model in other countries. We are now seeking partners with the right qualities  to build on the same model in the UK. The ideal sales agents will have excellent written and verbal communication skills, and the necessary attributes to sell at all levels and secure new business.

To learn more about this exciting opportunity use the Apply Button below and include your relevant experience, current sales activity, and an overview of your connections in the target markets.