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Benefits: Innovative product / service | Recurring commission | Professional training and support offered | Sales and marketing support

Commission: 15% on new products sold and re-occurring sales is 10%

We have a time limited deal as we are offering new accounts to sign up and receive £300 credit plus free shipping for a year!

We have amazing new products to introduce to salons who have clients who love to groom.

Our new IngrownOut® Tweezer easily hooks the hair out and plucks even the shortest of hairs. All in one Tweezer for men and women.

Helps prevent Ingrown hairs and keeps the skin looking clean and clear.

We are an eco friendly company and all products have stylish reusable containers after product use.


Barbers and Beauty Salons

IngrownOut® Tweezers

Online Ingrown hair removal course




  • Innovative product / service

    Online Ingrown hair course doesn't exist anywhere in the world. Therapists and barbers have alot of clients with ingrown hairs. IngrownOut® Tweezers are gold in colour, have a slight hook one end the other is a pointy tweezer. Tea Tree Scrub only contains three natural ingredients and has no sticky labels on so the glass jar is reusable for storage or deco uses. This can also be recycled in the recycle bin.

  • Recurring commission

    For all products sold 15% and re-occurring sales is 10%

  • Professional training and support offered

    Once you understand this new concept it will be easy to sell. Any training needed and support will always be available.

  • Sales and marketing support

    Sales marketing, photos, social posts can be provided.

Target market

There are two target markets for B2C

Barbering Industry – Male grooming is more popular than ever. Men don’t like to shop around if their local barbers can recommend these kind of products and offer a new service with professional after care and advise then it builds even more trust and recommendations.

Beauty Industry – Waxing therapists are seeing ingrown hairs in the bikini area. Now is their chance to learn and become an Ingrown Hair Specialist. Advising aftercare and offering the products there and then makes it easier for the busy client.


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Ideal Profile

Hello I would love you to get on board! The grooming industry is huge so lots of scoop within the UK. This new concept is unique to our company and has been developed by an expert that has treated clients for over 20 years.

We have trade marks in place for a reason that is there is nothing out there like this in the world. All that is needed now is to spread the word and offer the UK barbering and beauty industry something new to talk about with their clients. Raising the chance of more profit per client resulting in happier clients who recommend.