Dawson Christie Ltd

Location: Work from home

Target Markets: Business Services, Manufacturing & Industry, Medical / Pharmaceutical, Software & Applications

Business Model: Commission-based

Commission: 40% commission. Average is £5,400

Deal Size: £10000 - £100000

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings) / Telesales (sales closed over the phone)

B2B Sales Agents – R&D Tax Claims – Earn £150k in year 1

Dawson Christie are looking for experienced sales agents to earn exceptional commission by helping raise awareness of the R&D tax incentive available to SMEs.

We have been successfully helping thousands of businesses reclaim millions of pounds in Tax Rebates for a number of years. We now offer experienced B2B sales agents an opportunity to earn high commission rewards by guiding and advising businesses on how to make a claim.

Agents will earn an impressive 40% of the company’s income from the client.

The right candidate can earn in excess of £150,000 in year 1.

The Government has set aside £4.5 billion for R&D tax claims.

95% of companies are not aware of this initiative so there is huge potential for sales agents.

You will be offering businesses a No-Win-No-Fee service from a company with a 100% success rate and a claim turn-around time of just 4-6 weeks.

Opportunity overview

Dawson Christie is a specialist Research and Development Tax Consultancy Company that is completely HMRC compliance approved. Our service helps companies claim tax credits for R&D projects.

As a sales agent with Dawson Christie, you will contact SMEs and explain how they may be able to make a claim for R&D expenditure. You will get full support from our expert, in-house team to quickly discover if the client has a valid claim and to help them to move forward. Sales agent will receive 35% of all income Dawson Christie receives. Commission is paid monthly based on last months received income (ex VAT) from respective clients. This is an exciting opportunity to sell a service that has a genuine benefit for clients.

What is Research and Development?

R&D Tax Credits are an HMRC tax incentive designed to promote innovation within the UK. They   offer businesses an opportunity to claim back a proportion of their Research & Development expenditure as tax credits. The incentive is proving to be extremely lucrative for businesses that get the correct guidance on what expenditure qualifies and how to make a successful claim.

There is a large misconception that only companies participating in scientific or medical research, or similar are eligible. The R&D tax incentives apply to a very broad range of industries, including any UK limited company who may have made improvements to their company, made appreciable improvements to current products or processes, or spent on new developments.

Some examples of R&D expenditure that could form the basis of a claim:

  • Developing a new product
  • Improving an existing product
  • Creating a new process
  • Significantly improving a current process
  • Creating certain computer software


With a target market of SMEs in many different industry sectors, the opportunities for sales agents are endless.

There are traditional markets for our services: manufacturing, engineering, pharmaceutical, and software development. And we have made numerous successful claims for companies in sectors outside of these traditional areas.

Ideal Sales Agent Profile

The ideal sales agents for this opportunity will have B2B sales experience and excellent communication skills to present the potential benefits we can offer and the simplicity of the process of making a claim with the help of Dawson Christie.

We want experienced sales agents who have a network of B2B connections within the target markets. Applicants should be self-starters and motivated individuals who can call on SMEs to raise awareness of R&D Tax incentives.

With 40% commission and an average payment of £5,000, the right sales agents can earn in excess of £150,000 in year 1.

Learn more by using the Apply Button below and include details of your sales experience and the types of connections you have access to.