Reduce My Bills Ltd

Contact Person: Ryan Haigh

Telephone: 03330903018

Company Industry: Business Services

Company location: UK

Sales areas: UK

Reduce My Bills offers a unique fixed payment service for businesses to reduce their utility bills. The service offers base rate prices with no added commissions providing the customer with the best possible deal.

Our platform has bespoke agent and customer facing portals where all invoices and savings are transparent.

We’re really changing the game here.

Reduce My Bills is looking for qualified introductions for our internal sales team to take over and close.

We offer excellent commissions to partners – payable as and when the product is sold.


We effectively cover it all, there is very strong chance we will save consumers money.

  • Energy
  • Merchant Services
  • Telco, Insurance
  • Water (including surface rebates)
  • Renewables
  • Waste
  • Rates
  • Estate Management (Wills, POE)


Additional Information

  • Our customers

    Any business will benefit from our services as we offer single product deals.

  • Reporting

    Sales Partner live portal.

  • Commission terms

    We will pay £250 for a lead that is closed. If you closed the lead we will pay £720 on a residual basis. £20pcm

  • Sales material / support

    Support and training provided - demo of the customer facing portal to show prospective customers.