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B2B Agent – ISO Installation and Maintenance

Qualitation is the trading name of the Oxford Quality Centre Ltd, which originated as a partnership back in 1998. In over 20 years of trading, we have gained ISO certifications for our clients across a wide range of ISO standards with a 100% first time success rate. We intend to continue this outstanding record of achievement.

ISO Standards are internationally respected and represent the iteratively improved global best practice in each field that they represent. ISO standards are held by over 1.6 million organisations world-wide and around 60,000 in the UK.

Every organisation should have one or more ISO standards. There are 4 standards that all companies can gain: Quality, Environment, H&S and Data Security. This presents a large and growing target market for sales agents to approach. There are specific Aviation, Automotive and Medical Devices standards so anyone with contacts in these areas would be of interest too.

Qualitation co-ordinates a network of consultants who provide services for clients looking to gain ISO standards, maintain their ISO certification, and install IT systems to reduce cost and develop their business.

Our clients include Micro, SME, and Enterprise sized companies. Clients can have from 1 to thousands of personnel, home based to multiple sites, and turnovers ranging from £000s to £Billions.

Our typical clients are SMEs, especially those growing fast or wanting to enter specific industry sectors where the relevant ISO standard is an entry requirement. You can see more about our clients by viewing the case studies on our website: https://qualitation.co.uk/category/case-studies


ISO systems are recognised by governments, legislation (UK, US and EU), industry sectors, key manufacturers and many others as being representative of good practice and demonstrating better than average controls on a business. Businesses that have ISO standards are seen as longer lasting, better run, and more likely to get the job done, while providing higher quality goods and/or services.

This makes ISO standards and the services offered by Qualitation a very easy sell with plenty of benefits for potential clients. There are 3 services that sales agents can present to 3 different target client groups:

Organisations wanting an ISO standard to be installed.
Organisations wanting assistance maintaining a standard they already hold.
Organisations wanting an IT system that will reduce administrative costs and develop their business.
There are obvious progression opportunities for sales agents to present the 3 services as clients move through the 3 stages above. More information on ISO standards, services to maintain standards, and IT systems, will be provided in our Sales Partner Prospectus.

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We are happy to receive qualified leads from businesses with a background in almost any sector as long as they have a genuine interest in 1 or more of our 3 services. Our main focus is on manufacturers, specifically those supplying components or finished goods to other businesses. Engineering and distribution are also strong target markets for sales agents to approach.

Target sectors that have specific industry standards include: Automotive, aviation defence, space and medical devices.

Micros and Small companies want ISO standards when they are growing faster than their old business models allow them to cope with, and as they break into new markets.

There are endless opportunities for sales agents to earn commission payments by generating qualified leads for the services provided by Qualitation.

Ideal Profile

Sales agents do not require technical knowledge of installing or maintaining ISO standards or IT systems. Agents will use the benefits ISO standards and IT systems offer to businesses to create a genuine interest from the prospect and provide leads with sufficient information to allow us to continue the sales process.

The next step is for a Qualitation consultant to visit the prospect, which could be a paid or unpaid visit depending upon the situation and the services required. The client will then be in an informed position and can decide on how to move forward.

The sales commission scheme is based on achieved days of paid work, so if the first visit is paid for by the client it will count towards the total paid days for commission purposes. At least 3 paid days are required to be completed on the ISO and IT installation. At least 3 paid months, charged to the client as a monthly fee, are required for a maintenance project.

Once the lead is passed to us, we will register it against the agent to cover other sites of that organisation around the country or abroad being approached by other agents.

The agent will not need to attend any further steps with the prospect, and they will be updated periodically on progress.

If the prospect accepts the proposal and we provide the services, then the Agent will get paid once the 3 days/3 months arrangement has been completed as described above.

Qualitation are looking for sales partners that can generate genuine leads from prospects with a real interest in moving forward with one or more of the 3 services we provide. The leads must be qualified and include sufficient information for our consultants to take over the sales process.

Consultative sales skills and the ability to communicate with prospects are more important than technical knowledge of the ISO standards or IT systems.

This sales partnership is best suited to agents with existing B2B contacts and relationships with decision makers in key positions within the target market groups.

You will be supported by our in-house team and brochures are available.

The commission reward scheme is based on the profit margins of the 3 services:

Installation of ISO standards.
Maintenance of ISO standards.
ISO IT systems.
Payment of commission is triggered by the 3 days/3 months required paid days completed. Full commission details will be discussed with agents at a later stage.

The next step is for interested agents to contact Qualitation using the Start Dialogue button below. Please include details of past and current sales activity and experience, your network of potential clients, location, and contact information.