Company name: MARSHALL & BROWN

Location: UK - Nationwide

Industry: N/A

Commission: TBA

Deal Size: N/A

Sales Type: B2B sales

Authentic range of Caribbean food and drink products

Marshall & Brown want to talk to sales agents for their authentic range of Caribbean food and drink products.
Unique products specifically created to fill a gap in the food and drink sector.
Can be sold as a standalone product range or to complement sales agent’s current sales offers.
There is a huge, diverse target market to approach, from gift shops and garden centres to all types and sizes of food outlets.
We are offering a great commission scheme, including on repeat sales, which this product range promotes.


Marshall & Brown was launched in the UK to fill a gap in the market for an authentic, premium range of Caribbean food and drink products.
Aimed at the growth area in world foods and designed to meet the needs of independent retailers, gift shops, farm shops, delicatessens, artisan outlets, and some of the products are geared to whole foods markets.
Sales agents will have a large and diverse target market to approach with products that offer a unique flavour of the Caribbean. The range includes:
Rum cakes, under the Mama Brown brand; authentic, beautifully packaged, and delicious. 6 SKUs: Pineapple, Coconut, Key Lime, Banana, Original and Chocolate.
Mama Brown’s signature rum punch cocktail, an exquisite blend of the finest Jamaican white rum blended with natural tropical fruit juices.
The Jerk House range of sauces (6SKUs) - The real taste of Jamaica and the traditional method of marinating meat, fish, and poultry. JERK BBQ, Jerk seasoning, Jerk sauces, Jerk Mustard sauce, Scotch bonnet pepper sauce, and Hot Yellow Pepper sauce.
Marshall and Brown Handmade Chocolates – Created with an award winning Master Chocolatier, an exclusive artisan range of luxury handmade chocolates. Dessert range , Rum truffle range and a vegan rum truffle range.
The perfect range for agents to sell on its own or to add to their current sales offers to the sector. Contact us to discuss the range and the target market by using the Contact Button below.


This is a B2B offering aimed at: independent retailers, gift shops, deli shops, garden centres and shops, artisan shops, whole food stores, world food outlets, small multiples, large retailers, wholesalers, and online stores.
The target market is huge, giving agents a wide range of prospects to approach and present these unique, traditional Caribbean products.

Ideal Profile

We want to talk to sales agent with relative experience in the food sector. Ideally you will have contacts and connections in some of the target sector.
Agents should be able to communicate with decision makers in key positions at all levels. A professional appearance and good verbal and written skills are essential.
We are looking for agents to cover sales areas of: North East, North West, Scotland, Ireland, Midlands, London, South East, South West, and Wales.
The sales partnership offers an excellent commission scheme that includes repeat business sales, which the quality and uniqueness of the product range will help to generate. Contact us to learn more by using the Contact Button below and include a summary of your experience and current sales activity.