Company name: AF AUTO SUPPLIES

Location: UK - Nationwide

Industry: N/A

Commission: TBC + bonus

Deal Size: N/A

Sales Agents

Our aim is to build a customer base within the UK market by providing high quality products supported by a first class customer service. Our strategy is to start by providing our motor lubricants brand, Petromin, and subsequently progress to supplying tyres and batteries.

This is an opportunity for sales agents with experience and proven success in the after-trade markets to join us from the beginning and partner us on our highly successful prospective journey.


Our lubricants brand, Petromin, is a leading brand employing more than 5,000 employees and exporting products to over 40 countries in the GCC, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

We are looking for experienced sales agents to sell the high performance lubricants in the Petromin brand range for petrol and diesel car engines and industrial and marine engines. We developed a business strategy that will lead to more products being introduced to the UK in the future.

For the marine sector we supply cylinder lubricant for all types of slow speed cross-head two stroke diesel engines using high sulphur fuels, particularly the long stroke BMEP types. Users gain the benefits of good demulsibility properties, reducing engine wear, as well as reduced maintenance costs.


The target markets for the Petromin lubricant brand are wholesalers, distributors, the agricultural market, manufacturing, and retail groups. We are particularly looking for sales agents with a network of customers and contacts in all of these target sectors.

Ideal Profile

We require information on your industry success, a case study that demonstrates your methodology and how you can add value to the company and contribute to our mutual ongoing future success. Feel free to include supporting information.

AF Auto Supplies are seeking sales agents across the UK with experience in car, marine, and industrial engine lubricants sales.

This is an exciting opportunity for agents to join us from the start as we introduce Petromin to the UK, a successful, premium quality range of lubricants and grow to become an established firm in the sector.

We are offering a commission scheme and related bonus that will give sales agents the ability to earn a substantial income in return for successful sales results.

We are a recently established company in the UK with the aim of creating a presence in the automobile after-trade market. Our success in the UK will be based on our 30 years of experience in the Middle East and Far East where we have long term business relations with international suppliers.

To be considered for this sales partnership please provide the required information using the Start Dialogue button below.