Concentrates Direct Ltd

Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / South East / South West / Wales / Work from home / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Logistics and Transport

Benefits: Innovative product / service | Excellent commission terms | Recurring commission | Sales and marketing support

Commission: Commission is variable from 5% to 18%

Deal Size: Not applicable

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

We are an emerging environmentally conscious U.K. cleaning concentrates company offering excellent opportunities and equally impressive commission rates for suitable candidates that are based in England or Wales. We are the first U.K. concentrates  company to offer carbon negative concentrated liquids. Our approach saves customers money & reduces their carbon footprint.  We aim to grow and take our agents with us now that our bespoke Sales Agent online platform is complete.   Please watch our YouTube video,  This in itself is a useful sales tool that explains what we do and what we offer.




Please visit our website, you can see from there what products we currently offer, the sizes and prices etc.  Our product range will slowly grow over time. Our products are all carbon negative!  We pride ourselves on being a British company, using mostly British raw material, in the current Covid19 climate, localised manufacturing reduces reordering times significantly.  The customer has to dilute their concentrated chemicals with water to suit their needs, guidance and mixing instructions are present on all of our labelling, all labelling is in line with current safety regulations. Our products can be mixed with only basic PPE required.


We offer products such as glass cleaner, W.C. cleaner, various grades of jet washing chemicals & traffic film removers, car shampoo, brick acid, screen wash, de-scalers, deodorisers & odour destroyers ( in pear, lemon, bubble gum, and cherry ), anti-bacterial cleaners etc etc.  Our products come in containers that range from 500ml to 20litres, depending on which product it is.  Because our products are so highly concentrated, customers are always surprised at how far their money goes when compared to buying alternative concentrated or pre-diluted chemicals.

Our biggest seller is a Jet washer traffic film remover called Autoboss, this product is coveted by the truck and automotive industry, to the point of them taking the labels off so that their competition cannot see what they are using!


One of our products has been formulated to remove oil from tarmac and hard surfaces, it has been used by one of the U.K.’s most famous race tracks for many years.


We find whatever product we sell, the customers come back for more once they realise how good the product is, and how much money they can save. In many cases, they will explore our other products, you can generate a discount coupon code for an individual product to help close a sale!


Our product range has been created to optimise value for the customer, our products are typically 5x more concentrated than the products offered by the competition.  We save money and reduce carbon, The customer is getting more useable cleaning product for their money, they are not paying to ship diluted products that are up to 95% water.  As the concentrated products are far less bulky,  the shipping costs are less, as is the carbon generated through logistics.  All of our products are carbon offset.


In larger organisations that use a lot of cleaning liquids, they are under pressure to reduce their carbon figures, our products could offer them significant savings in carbon.


  • Innovative product / service

    Concentrates Direct promotes carbon reduction, all of our products are carbon negative. Our concentrated cleaning and deodorising products are typically 5 times stronger than than our competitor's concentrated and super concentrated products. By selling concentrated product, the customer simply has to dilute them on site, meaning that they are not paying to ship a product that is 95% water. We offer a bespoke online agent's platform from where agents can work from.

  • Excellent commission terms

    Concentrates Direct Ltd have an online bespoke Sales Agent platform, This platform is used to create discount coupon codes, you can discount any or all products from 5% to 18%. How much commission you make depends upon how much discount you give to the customer. Once a customer places an online order using a coupon, that customer will remain exclusive to the Sales Agent that issued the coupon for 12 months.

  • Recurring commission

    Any subsequent orders from that customer ( even without a coupon ) will generate repeat commission that will be paid directly to the sales agent.

  • Sales and marketing support

    We are just starting out, we can offer support and guidance via phone or email. We are working on producing training videos, sales materials, handouts etc to help our Agents grow alongside Concentrates direct.

Target market

As long as the potential customer is a trade customer, they are a potential customer!!!

Our products are designed for the trade market.  As we offer a good spread of products, any business, small or large is a potential revenue stream for our sales agents.  An example of some of the trades we supply to:

Truck washes, Car sales forecourts, garages, service stations, car washes, truck garages, National used car providers, car valet companies.

Builders, cleaners, factories, waste disposal sites, museums, galleries, workshops, high street shops.

Office blocks, house cleaners, logistics companies, airports, train stations, artists.

Food prep, vehicle fleet services, hotels, restaurants, bars & pubs, cafes etc etc.

As a Sales Agent, once you have visited the website, you will see how the products that Concentrates direct produce suit most trades.

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Ideal Profile

Successful candidates: A person well suited should possess the following qualities:

  • Honesty
  • Charm
  • Ability to Listen and Empathy
  • Understand value
  • Previous sales experience desirable but not essential
  • Excellent Networking and Communications Skills
  • Confidence and Resilience
  • Enthusiasm and Tenacity


COVID-19 considerations: Agents are expected to take Covid 19 precautions in line with UK government guidelines, they must provide their own sanitiser and mask if required.

We have developed an online Agent’s platform, invoices are generated and emailed automatically to your customer and to you.  The system is fully automated so that as a Sales Agent, you won’t need to fill out reports, order forms etc.  Once a customer orders a product with your coupon code, they are exclusively YOUR customer for 12 months.  If they re-order, any Agent commission generated is paid to you.  Coupons can be for single use ( we suggest a higher initial discount to ‘net’ the customer ), or multi usage ( we suggest a lower discount rate to maximise your commission & prices still remain attractive to the customer).

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