Company name: AGSPRO LTD

Location: London

Industry: N/A

Commission: 10-15%

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000

Sales Type: B2B sales / Face 2 Face / Telesales

AGSPRO Ltd French Polishing – Hard Surface Repair – Glass-Metal-Stone-Floor Polishing

AGS PRO Ltd offers a comprehensive range of French polishing, hard surface repair and glass polishing services that will make damaged surfaces like new again.

We specialise in pre-handover ‘on-site’ repair and resurfacing solutions for the construction industry, commercial and domestic customers.

Especially, AGS PRO Ltd are proud to provide the highest quality French polishing service in London, bringing true artistry and fine detail to our ancient craft.

Whether working with windows, doors, furniture, tiles, wood, glass, marble, ceramic, granite and other types of material, AGSPRO are committed to providing a flawless finish and breathing a new lease of life into dull, tired, scratched, damaged, or outdated floors, windows, doors, furniture and other objects

AGS PRO is proud to have built a strong, skilled and professional team made up of some of the most experienced repair and restoration experts in London. Our team are fiercely passionate about both natural and synthetic materials and are dedicated to showing off and highlighting the very best qualities of these materials.

Where others see junk and damage, AGSPRO see potential!

We ensure that we give our all to our craft. Paying personal and particular attention to each and every piece, we’re artists at our core, and we guarantee we’ll meet your expectations every time, tailoring our service to suit your own preferences.


What We Do.

From restoring beautiful antiques to their former glory, or repairing scratches and dents, AGS PRO strives to bring back the character and personality of all your pieces. Our finishes can also play a big role in prolonging the life of your doors, windows, furniture and surfaces, improving strength and durability and minimising the risk of damage in the future, helping you to get the most from your home decor.

AGS PRO only use the most effective, efficient, and established methods to ensure great quality, every time.

AGS PRO provides:

-Colour matching
-French Polishing
-Glass Polishing
-Grain Filling
-Lacquer Finishing
-Removal of marks, scratches, dings, blemishes, dents, burns and stains
-Wood finishing
-Windows & Doors

Hard Surface Repair – Door FrameWe have mastered the ancient and complicated method of French polishing. The fully accredited French polishers at AGSPRO will breath new life into tired wooden surfaces. The character and sheen of antique furniture, wooden frames and floors are restored to their former glory.

Any hard surface be it aluminium, metal, granite, stone or wood can be repaired and resurfaced by our experts. Stained wooden floors, cracked bathtubs, granite table-top, stained or broken doors and windows are taken care of by the hard surface repair experts.

Glass PolishingFrom repairing surface impact damage, clipped glass edges to the removal of surface scratches and etched graffiti, the expert glass polishers helps you with all your glass polishing and repair needs.


Describe the target market you are looking to sell to
We specialise in pre-handover ‘on-site’ repair and resurfacing solutions for the construction industry, commercial and domestic customers.
Large contractors such as Berkley Group, MACES, St James Group and more are our target.
Common client situations are construction workers and builders, who damage new appliance and surfaces prior to the site being signed off.

Large restoration sites, heritage-listed sites and preservation projects are our other focus.
The fine work and craftsmanship of French Polishing and Hard Surface repairs, to restore listed to buildings and furniture to their former glory

Ideal Profile

Job Role:

Your primary role is to sell AGSPRO Ltds services , and to do so you will need to acquire full and comprehensive knowledge about the company and its history. Making cold calls to solicit new business, following up with previous clients to encourage repeat contracts and promoting our services are a few ways you’ll need to approach your vending when clients don’t come directly to you.
The Sales Representative responsibilities will include discovering and pursuing new sales prospects, negotiating deals and maintaining client satisfaction. If you have excellent communication skills and feel comfortable reaching out to potential clients in order to demonstrate our services through email and phone, we’d like to meet you.
Providing support to your clients to ensure their satisfaction and facilitate future sales is an essential part of your job.

Skills Required

Be able to engage and connect with clients at a personal level.
Be able to show attention to details and not allowing important details to slip through the cracks.
Acts without being told what to do and brings new ideas to the company.
Demonstrate excellent product and company knowledge.
Build great relationships with potential clients to maximise sales and deliver exceptional service.
A positive, welcoming attitude and excellent communication skills.
Commitment to delivering a high level of customer service.
Excellent personal presentation standards.
Ability to work effectively and positively as part of a team.
Fluent in English both verbally and written.
Enthusiastic and ambitious attitude to achieve personal goals.
Passion about our products and our brand.

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