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Sales Type: B2B sales

Sales Partner model for businesses, schools, and students

The Learning Partnership is the largest Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) education company in the UK.

The company delivers a number of STEM education challenges for students ranging from 8-14 years of age. These exciting and educational challenges include:

- Fly to the Line – The glider challenge for primary schools.
- Race to the Line – A model rocket car challenge for secondary schools.
- Navigate to the Line – An aerostat challenge for secondary schools.
- Recycle IT challenge – Innovation and design skills developed while recycling and re-using.
These challenges offer sales agents many benefits to present to schools and our business model will explain how business sponsorship makes the challenges available to schools.


The Learning Partnership recruits local companies to sponsor the schools that take part in the challenge activities. The company receives tax breaks to off-set the cost of sponsorship plus valuable marketing and PR benefits. The schools put their students through the challenges that are provided by the Learning Partnership, with the cost being covered by the sponsorship from the companies.

This creates a win-win situation for the schools, the sponsors, and the students who experience practical and theoretical learning while building model cars that race at 70 mph or flying lighter than air drones.

The Learning Partnership currently work with over 600 secondary schools and has put over 150,000 students through the challenges in the last 3 years, so the model is proven for both schools and sponsoring companies and sales agents can now benefit as we expand the programme.


There is great potential for growing the numbers of both sponsors and schools taking part and earning increasing commission payments. Sales agents will find it an easy win to add the sales partnership with the Learning Partnership to their current activities of selling to schools or businesses.

We are looking for sales partners throughout the UK and Northern Ireland.

If you are currently in a sales role with contacts and customers in primary or secondary schools, or a B2B role with access to decision makers in senior positions, we want to talk to you. To start the process use the Start Dialogue button below and include: your location, an overview of your current sales activity, and your school or business connections.

Ideal Profile

Sales agents will be involved with both finding sponsors and presenting the STEM challenges to schools. The target schools are both primary and secondary schools and the businesses range from 50-250 employees and are usually involved in STEM related industries. Commission is paid on the challenges supplied to the schools.

There will be more commission earning opportunities as our company grows and expands its offers. We have developed the Dendrite.me platform which offers a passive earning stream for sales agents where the schools they have introduced can make online purchases.

While this business model is not a straightforward commission for sales model, it gives sales agents the opportunity to create a community of active sponsors and participating schools on their area and build a substantial commission stream from the challenges purchased and the passive income from the Dendrite.me platform.