Location: London

Industry: Business services

Business Model: Commission-based

Commission: 100% of first month hosting. 30% Design packages

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

A sales opportunity for the right agent to sell website design and website hosting service packages to businesses

WebBookDesign and Hosting is a website design and website hosting business. Our website is www.webbookdesign.com and we have 4 hosting packages and 4 website design packages. The highest paying design package is £1075+ and the highest hosting package is £67.95

WebBookDesign is a new business with the opportunity and means to grow, and grow very fast. We are based in Essex in a small town called Brentwood, our customer base is the whole country as we are online based and I’m happy the sales agent where ever he or she is most comfortable or, ie local to them. Unless at a particular time it’s necessary to be in a certain area for whatever reason.


The agent will be selling Website Design and Website Hosting Services. The design packages have a choice of 4 although if the sales person finds that a customer needs something broader then the 4 options we can accommodate anything that a potential customer may require. The hosting packages have 4 options also, and again interchangeable, although there wouldn’t be any point changing the hosting packages from what they are. Obviously selling packages together is a better result, for example selling a hosting package to a new business with a website design package would make sense if required.

There is domain name registration, that’s the registration of the name of the website, for example www.webbookdesign.com. Then Hosting and then Design, all chargeable. There are other upsell services like website builder other software items and add-on’s at checkout


Our customer base is any and all businesses who require or would benefit from a website or online presence even if only social media platforms. We aren’t just limited to businesses without a website, all businesses are an potential client because our packages are extremely good value for money and packed with premium features as standard and stated as free, included in the price. Our prices are so good that having businesses transfer to our service is very likely because the quality of the packages at the prices they are customers will see the value in switching.

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Ideal Profile

I’m looking for a well presented, articulate, energetic, confident, intelligent and well rounded individual that would see an opportunity and embrace it because there’s no stock level to run out of, or heavy baggage to carry around. There’s no product to demonstrate and no limit to the clients the agent can sign and every business is a potential customer. The sales opportunity will be Commission based and of course negotiable, both the design and hosting sales. I know that understanding the technology, webdesign, hosting and the fundamentals behind what makes our packages appealing doesn’t have to be understood or knowledge about the services be tested. The product and services will sell themselves I just need a good agent to present them.