Company name: CHUMMI

Location: UK - Nationwide

Industry: Fashion, apparel, textiles, accessories, Gifts & Crafts, Retail & FMCG

Commission: N/A

Deal Size: £1000 - £10000 / £10000 - £100000

Sales Type: B2B sales / Face 2 Face

A Product Everyone With A Payment Card Will Want

Become a sales partner for this exciting new product that all contactless payment and travel card owners will want.

Be one of the first to offer CHUMMI to huge potential markets that include retail, hospitality, facilities management, and corporate business premises.

Earn substantial commission selling a unique, safe and secure, card holder that comes from a brand development team with a history of successful product launches.

If you want a product with no competition, unique benefits, and a solution to problems that all card owners hate, read on and see what CHUMMI has to offer sales partners.

Opportunity Overview

CHUMMI is the trademark/brandname of what we are describing as, THE REALLY SMART CARD HOLDER.

We have spent over two years developing CHUMMI and are confidently awaiting our patent. Now it’s time to take sales to the next level by offering CHUMMI to sales partners in all channels looking for an exciting new product for their customers. Conceived as the perfect answer to the problems that all owners of contactless cards experience, the market for CHUMMI is huge.

We’ve all had that moment when we search every pocket or rummage through bags to find our contactless travel or payment card, while the intimidating queue behind us looks on. CHUMMI is the solution, and it has many more benefits:CHUMMI keeps your card totally safe and secure, it can’t fall or be stolen.

It prevents the problem of card clash with other contactless cards.

You can keep it safely inside or outside of your bag or rucksack, or even secured to your belt or your pocket.

Users of CHUMMI will never again experience the panic and frustration of forgetting, losing, or misplacing their card. No more embarrassment as you fumble for your card at turnstiles, counters, and checkouts. The unique design lets you stretch the card out on a cord to touch the card reader, then let it go and it zips back into place…every time. It’s compact, stylish and 100% reliable.

We’ve launched with a range of SIX cool designs that are two-sided, always with a different, and sometimes humorous, twist when you open it up or it flips the wrong way as it closes. Customers will buy for their own use and for family and friends, making more profits for you and your buyers.

The Company

Belago Partners is a new private collaboration which has been started in London specifically to bring our new brand CHUMMI to the market. This is a spin off from a long-established brand development company, Ideas at Work Ltd, which has turned many more brand ideas into reality. Our team have a long history of successful product/brand launches, and we are especially excited by the global potential of this one. This is your opportunity to join us as a sales partner.

Sales Agent Profile

We’ve launched CHUMMI in a small way online just to get going and check out the reaction before a full sales assault on the market, and it’s working.  It’s time now to go big and rapidly accelerate the sales, and you can join us. Our first target market is London and the South East, then rest of the UK, then the world!

We want to pay commission to experienced B2B sales agents with customers and connections in the target markets below and access to decision makers and influencers in key retailers, wholesalers and distributors.

Sales agents can be working in any sales channel, face to face field sales, which we expect to be very effective, telesales, and online marketing.

Sales of CHUMMI are supported by an excellent website and a presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We will supply samples, images, and work with sales partners for our mutual success. If you meet the profile, contact us using the button below and tell us about your relevant experience and current sales activity.

Target Market

Our target markets are:

Accessory outlets and luggage retailers.
Wholesale supplies to the stationery and gift shops market.

Souvenir shops, 2 of the designs are specifically developed for the London souvenir trade.

Customised designs can be supplied for conference and exhibition organisers, hotel chains for their guests and staff, and corporate offices for their staff identity passes.

The first geographical areas we want to target are: London and the South East.

To get in early and be first to offer CHUMMI to your contacts and customers, click the button below and talk to us about becoming a sales partner.