Location: London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Yorkshire

Target Markets: HRC, Hotel, Restaurant, Cafe

Business Model: Commission-based

Commission: 2 models. 15% intro resulting in Sale 30% full sale model

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

A chance to work with a new and highly innovative software company, bringing unrivalled customer insight to all businesses, simply, easy and effectively.

critiQuie has unique and holistic approach to customer feedback and loyalty, enabling customers to easily engage and communicate with the business at every aspect of their journey experience, in seconds not minutes!
Our solution is cloud based, so no additional hardware or software for the business, as well as fully branded and deployable in minutes not days or weeks.
No app to download or login for the customer. We collect the data, analyse and graph this for you in real time, with additional alerting capability and much more.
The critiQuie solution offers a huge range of additional functionality to further assist both the customer and business,


We are looking to sell our services to assist customers and staff to communicate so much easier with businesses. This is a monthly premium service which is fully scalable to any size business.

Knowing what your customers think about all aspects of your business, could not be more paramount as we come out of lock down. Businesses shouldn’t take the chance that their customers “might” communicate their issues back to them, most will vote with their feet, unless there is an easy way to communicate with the business…. and now there is.


We are looking to sell to chains in the hospitality industry, whether these are hotels, pubs, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, holiday parks, indeed any business in any industry keen to truly know what their customers think of their; products, services, staff, environment and more.

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Ideal Profile

We are looking for someone who has a good network in the hospitality trade, who recognises the failures in the current survey systems, and is keen to offer businesses the real opportunity of being able to listen to their customers opinions.

There are huge opportunities for the right candidate keen to help businesses.