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London Wine Festival

Location: Work from home

Target Markets: Food & Drink

Benefits: Innovative product / service | Sales leads provided | Freedom & flexibility

Commission: 10% - 12% on the net rate. You can also have flexibility on pricing

Deal Size: Flexible

Sales Type: Online sales (no need to talk to customer)

The London Wine Festival is a new wine festival in London.

We’re reimagining what it means to attend a wine festival. The event is all about connecting consumers, influencers & brands through positive, memorable & immersive live experiences.  It’s about supporting independent brands, producers and purveyors and is an event for those eager to learn, be inspired, experience new wines, have fun and create lasting memories.

The London Wine Festival was born out of our own frustrations in being able to try & experience new wines in a more fun and enjoyable manner than what the UK presently has on offer.

Wine is still perceived as intimidating, quite formal and egotistical in the UK, with many events unappealing to a huge range of existing wine drinkers. This limits the ability for wineries and producers to expose their brand and wines to a large audience who may genuinely like their wines, but just never get the opportunity to try them. Wine shops these days are not enjoyable to go to – being where you’d usually go to taste new wines. And most wine is marketed around tasting notes and points, instead of any sense of enjoyment and fun.

The London Wine Festival is changing this. We’re appealing to the generation who are not wanting to dress up formally or discuss notes and points of wine. We simply allow people to experience and enjoy amazing wines with great music and conversation, in an informal setting. Whilst also supporting wineries to expose their brands to a wider demographic, who may not have heard of them, or experienced their wines before. We believe many are eager to learn and be inspired, though just in a less formal setting.

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    London Wine Festival

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We’re selling stands to wineries to attend, and sponsorship packages to brands who want to target 25-45 year olds with a good disposable income working in London.

The standard wine event in the UK has a usual-sized stand which costs about £370 per square meter and I’m looking at charging the same.  An example of this is the London Wine Fair.

There are a lot of wineries, and finding leads is the easy bit. And there’s an unlimited number of potential sponsors from tech startups in town through to holiday companies.

So far I’m finding it quite an easy sell as the wineries all love with the concept. In fact they love it and most of the comms I’ve done is via email. However, I’m going to now need to start out closing some deals which is where I need the help.

The event is going to be taking place at the Trueman Brewery, 8th – 10th December 2023.

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  • Innovative product / service

    There is no other event like this in the UK at the moment, and this is what the Wineries are excited about. So it's presenting a great opportunity to them, and this is a fun event.

  • Sales leads provided

    I can easily provide lists of companies to target but it will need some digging to find the right contact. If you do need actual contact names and details then I can organise this.

  • Freedom & flexibility

    You can work when and where you like but we are after results.

Target market

Very simply, wineries & brands who sell to 25-45 year olds.

I’m targeting normally the marketing person, owner / director.

There’s easy lists to find the leads – e.g.

  • and also (they only operate every other year and are missing this year out)
  • plus simply looking at websites like Majestic Wine and going through each winery one by one

For sponsors, the Oxford Wine Festival, albeit is on a smaller scale, has some great sponsors like Waitrose.

But this could be great for even people like Hargreaves Lansdown – or maybe even a higher quality estate agent like Savilles. In essence, anyone who wants to target a specific demographic who enjoys drinking wine!

Ideal Profile

We’re looking for candidates who:

  • Has a personable & friendly demeanour
  • Understands how to overcome objects and is able to close deals.
  • Is organised with their follow up
  • Has event space sales experience
  • Can work with leads we provide but can also actively build their own fresh leads
  • Are great self starters
  • Are enthusiastic and dedicated.

Wineries are a nice group of people who work hard and also play hard. So they’re a really nice bunch of people to talk to and work with and I’m after someone who will be able to represent our brand to a high quality.