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Location:Ireland / London / Midlands / North East / North West / Scotland / South East / South West / Wales / Work from home / Yorkshire

Target Markets: Facilities Management

Business Model: Commission-based / Exclusive region / Recurring commission

Commission: 20% on a fully executed sale. 5% for an introduction that we close

Sales Type: Field sales (physical meetings)

Oxytise provides a range of ‘TOUCHLESS’ hygiene technology to remove odours, decontaminate, purify indoor air,  verify and validate cleaning and hygiene practices and of course our advanced state-of-the-art, chemical free, eco-friendly, sterilisation technology that turns regular tap water into ozone water,  which is one of the most powerful disinfectants known to man and which will eliminate 99.9% of all bacteria, germs, and viruses such as COVID-19, Ebola & SARS faster and more effectively than any chemical cleaner or detergent.

Oxytise is a clean technology enterprise with a core focus on disrupting the disinfection and sterilisation markets. Our solutions for commercial and residential applications are delivered in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Everything we do and everything we are embraces 3 key considerations:

  • Are we helping society?
  • Do we promote health and well being?
  • Is it environmentally friendly?

What we do ?  At Oxytise we’re disrupting the cleaning and disinfection industry by providing cutting edge eco-friendly technologies that outperform traditional disinfection, cleaning, and sanitization tools. Our products eliminate 99.99% of all bacteria, germs and viruses including deadly viruses such as COVID-19, SARS, and Ebola, while being completely safe, eco-friendly, chemical-free and more effective than traditional products. Additionally, we operate a paperless business with all operations and marketing carried out electronically, managed and delivered by a strong management team with extensive experience and expertise in clean technology, sales, marketing, and finance providing strong foundations to maximise our critical objectives.

Use it everywhere Clean, sterilize and sanitize your household, business, office, and work environment. Clean, disinfect, sterilize, and sanitize of all types of surfaces and items: floors, walls, glass, and furniture, toys, equipment, work surfaces, and so much more.Peace of mind

Ozone is one of the most powerful disinfectants in the world, destroying bacteria and viruses such as Covid-19, Ebola & SARS. It is 50 times more effective at disinfection compared to chlorine (bleach) and disinfects 3200 times faster. Micro-organisms cannot grow back once killed using ozone, unlike chemicals such as chlorine.

Certification and independent testing

The device has been proven by independent test results at the ACONSA laboratory and certified to eliminate 99.9% of harmful microorganisms, bacteria, viruses (Bactericidal activity test No. 492324).

The device also carries CE, FCC, Industry Canada (IC) and RoHS certification for worldwide compliance.

Savings for your home or businessEliminate the need for harmful and toxic cleaning products, while significantly reducing costs and expenses. Also, washing with cold water reduces energy consumption for an added saving benefit. The AVATAR comes with a 2-year warranty and a 1500 hour or approximately 10-year residential life expectancy.

Sleek and modern design lightweight and portable – the AVATAR is easily transportable enabling you to sterilize every area of your business and house.

Simple installation, easy operation

The AVATAR does not require plumbing work and all the parts & add-ons are included. It works automatically when with the dishwasher or washing machine, working when their cycle completes. With a built-in leak detection system, the AVATAR also cleans the dirt previously accumulated in the pipes, dishwashers, and washing machines it is connected to. 

Clean clothes and surfaces without the need for detergents.  The purification power of ozone allows the washing of clothes and enhances the colours and whites with each wash.

Environmentally friendly- By not using any chemicals, the AVATAR does not generate any pollution by having these harmful chemicals and pollutants drain into the environment or create waste from plastic packaging.

Suitable for sensitive skin -Helps prevent skin allergies and is ideal for atopic skin. Recommended for patients with chemical sensitivity.

The right people will earn an excellent income.

The successful candidate will benefit from:

  • 20% on a fully executed sale.
  • 5% for an introduction that we close.
  • 37.5% Discount on the AVATAR machine. This demonstration machine will provide a significant boost to sales and your income.
  • The ability to add our system to your portfolio.
  • A wealth of knowledge and ongoing support from the team


Ozonated Water Generator

Ozone Odour Removal & Decontamination

Hydroxyl Air Purification

Independent Cleaning and Hygiene Verification Audits

Target market

Office and Space Accommodation, Sporting Arenas, Grounds, Stadiums and Facilities, Hospitality and Service Industries,  Tourist Attractions and Icons, Medical Offices and Hospitals, Educational Facilities, Households, And Every Other Environment – Airports, Trains Stations, Ambulance, Fire and Police Stations, Dentists, Vets, Casinos, Cinemas, Marinas, Golf Clubs – The list is endless

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Ideal Profile

We are looking for motivated individuals who have excellent networks across all areas where our products can be used and appreciated.

Our Products will save money, turn rooms around quickly and will sanitise and remove odours.