International Workwear Manufacturer Chooses to Find Sales Agents

Bensons Workwear, the high-quality clothing manufacturer, chose to find sales agents for their business expansion.

Bensons have an outstanding catalogue of products and range of services for sales agents to present to customers. Salesagents.UK used these benefits to create a successful managed advertising and promotion campaign to find sales agents:

  • Bensons extensive product catalogues.
  • Specialised products customised to order.
  • Their own factories and a huge manufacturing capacity.
  • Printing, embroidery and customised labelling and packaging.
  • Fully inclusive pricing with customs duties and shipping costs included.

And used the Bensons slogan of: WHERE STYLE MEETS WORKWEAR as a guide for the style of the advertising and online media posts.

Beni Moussa, European Sales Executive, Bensons:

‘ promoted the range of services we offer to attract quality and experienced sales agents that meet our criteria for service and quality.’

You can contact Beni to discuss your clothing manufacturing requirements at: [email protected]

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