An Insurance Company that Understands the Needs of Sales Agents

Colmore Insurance Brokers Ltd have been working behind the scenes looking at how they can bring added value, services and benefits to sales agents on the website.

One area that has continually cropped up is the issue around the insurance needs of self-employed sales agents, and whether insurers understand their needs. In this article we will be looking at the following:

Examples of Sales Agent Needs

A good example of sales agent’s needs is car insurance. Should you take out a private car policy or put in on the company insurances?

Do you need Professional Indemnity Insurance, if giving advice within the sales chain?

Do you have Legal Expenses cover that supports you in any legal dispute claims?

Do you find it difficult to get insurance that covers your role as a Sales Agent as insurers don’t typically understand the how the role of a sales agent works?

Working in partnership – Understanding the industry

Here at the website we’ve been searching for a solution to some of these issues and an insurance broker that understands our industry.

Colmore Insurance Brokers Ltd have developed a scheme for sales agents that covers the wide range of insurance needs you have, and also some bespoke products that are exclusive to us. They’ve have been working on meeting the differing needs of a sales agent and creating products that will work for you.

The team at Colmore are really pleased to be involved with the website and feel they can offer a unique service and a great customer experience to you, as members.

The team at Colmore have years of experience in developing and running insurance schemes for self-employed sales agents, and they also understand the unique characteristics of the role. Each sales agent needs to be treated individually and their needs reviewed to ensure the insurances offered are fit for purpose and appropriate to the individual.

The Insurance Scheme

A unique insurance scheme and product, which is available to the membership, backed by top rated and branded insurers.

The products and services will be geared towards the sales agent role with wordings and polices that fit the industry.

It will be simple to understand, quick to get terms, and backed by a service team that know how sales agents operate and are passionate about making the scheme a success.

Colmore can provide a range of products including Commercial Combined, Office, Package, Employers Liability, Public and Products Liability, Business Travel, Professional Indemnity, Car and Legal Expenses to name but a few that members of the website can access and buy where needed.

To find out more, please use the contact form below.