Get A Start on Your Competitors

Is now the time for self employed sales agents, and principals thinking of working with them, to take action?
As expected there’s great uncertainty in the UK business world at the moment post the EU referendum, and many companies, both UK and overseas based, are holding back on investments with a large spend.
But could this be the time for both sales agents and businesses to take advantage of the situation and get a lead on your competitors?
As a business, at this moment in time, you may not want to invest money into approaching the UK market. And as a self employed sales agent you might not be looking too hard to increase your range of sales proposals until stability returns, that’s if you think it will.
But take a different viewpoint and there could be some big advantages to be had that will give you a start on competitors who are holding back on taking actions.

Look at Using Sales Agent from A Different Perspective

Starting a sales campaign for the UK market can be done for a very low investment cost if businesses use sales agents.
Established sales agents will already have customers and contacts for their products and services, so they’re part way through the sales process and sales should come quicker than if they were relying on marketing and prospecting to gain their first customers.
While there are support costs, such as administration, marketing, and possibly importing, there are not the huge cost associated with setting up an employed sales force, or setting up a UK based business.
The key to an effective Sales Agent – Principal relationship is trust and relying on the other party to play their part in the agreed sales process. It’s not reliant on expensive premises, company cars, and lots of extra benefits before any sales have been made.

The Advantages of Taking Action Now

For both sales agents and businesses there is a big advantage in taking action now.
By the time your competitors decide the economic climate is safe enough to invest time and money in the UK again you will already be way ahead.
If the worst happens and parts of the UK market that effect you go into severe decline, for example parts of the retail sector, you haven’t made a large cash investment that could be lost. Admittedly, you will have invested time and effort, and resources that could have been used elsewhere in your business, but my opinion is that this is a risk of a value worth taking in the current climate.

Share Your Opinions on the Sales Market Post Referendum

Have you noticed changes in the UK sales market since the referendum on leaving the EU?
How has it affected you as a sales agent or a business selling to the UK market? And what do you think the next 2 years will bring? A quick bounce back to where we were before the vote, or will things get worse before getting better? Maybe you’ve seen no change in your industry or market place.
Let’s get a quick feel for which markets have seen changes, good or bad, by telling us which sector you work in and what you’ve noticed happening. Log into the Member’s Area and leave a comment under the Brexit topic already there. You can give a full description or just a couple of words to share with fellow sales people.

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Stephen Craine – Sales Agents UK