Sell Mobile Apps to Boost SME Business Turnover

Sell a marketing tool that connects your customers with their customers, and increases sales, bookings, or visits, by building relationships.

At Webdesign-Imagineers we develop mobile Branded Apps to boost the sales of small to medium sized businesses such as hairdressers, beauty & tanning, entertainments, restaurants, takeaways, coffee shops, retailers, and all customer facing enterprises.

We are now looking for independent sales agents, with contacts and customers at customer facing SME businesses, to sell the branded App. The range of potential buyers for branded Apps is massive, and as people become familiar with technology for small to medium businesses the market will grow.

The Branded App

Our clever, fully branded promotional mobile App is used by businesses to promote their services, and create ongoing customer engagement with loyalty programmes, push messaging, app sharing, geofence alerts, social media, email, and a host of other beneficial features.

The apps are fully branded to the individual business and are made available for android and iOS via the google play & app stores.

They feature a fully operational admin backend for the client to easily run their own app and update, amend, and message their customers with news and promotional information and incentives.

The Sales Message to Your Customers

A branded Promotional App helps your business to perform better than your competitors because it:

  • Gets your sales message out there in a way that is proven to be effective.
  • Engages with your customers and builds relationships before and after a sale or visit.
  • Creates more brand awareness as your messages are constantly in front of customers.
  • Improves your market share by communicating and engaging with the App users.
  • Attracts customers through effective marketing to your target audience.

A branded App uses cutting edge technology to connect your customers with their customers and delivers key messages, engages with them, and builds relationships that lead to sales, bookings, or visits.

The Business

Founded in 2013, the business has been built on friendly customer service and a personal approach to develop relationships with our customers. We do the tech, then talk in plain English to our clients to explain the features of our mobile Apps and the benefits their business can gain.

The sales agents we work with must have this same friendly sales style and approach to customers. We want to offer a technical solution that generates more customers and more turnover for SMEs, and that customers understand and are comfortable operating.

‘You will find that our business thrives on the friendly and personal approach. No ‘technobabble’, corporate speak or mind-boggling jargon. We just like to keep it simple and make life as easy as possible!’

Sales Agent Opportunity

The opportunity is available on a freelance, independent basis on a commission only payment structure. Commissions are calculated on new sales signups as well as ongoing residual commission payments based on the number of clients you generate and who remain active paying clients.

There is unlimited earning potential and full product training will be supplied upon successful appointment. You will be supported with sales literature, and a working demonstration App.

To learn more about our products and service see our landing page:

Sales Agent Requirements

Sales agents are required to have their own portfolio of relevant contacts and customers.

Must have effective communication skills, and experience of selling to business owners.

Sales ability and communication skills are more important than technical skills or working knowledge of Apps.

Please email your indication of interest to