Opportunity for Sales Agents – Resellers – Affiliates – Online Sellers or an Employed Professional

Our company is looking for experienced sales people, or businesses in the clothing or women’s health/ wellness sector, to bring their line of clothing for women going through the menopause to the UK and Ireland marketplace.

Our apparel uses patent-pending cooling technology to address the problem of hot flushes and night sweats that many women going through the menopause endure. The market for this range is huge, as there are over 4 million women between 45 and 55 in the UK and it is estimated that 75% of women going through the menopause suffer from hot flushes.

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The Product

We offer cooling vests and knickers for women that suffer from hot flushes & night sweats. Having invested in patent-pending cooling technology to solve the problem, we are now looking for sales partners across the UK and Ireland.

Our range of vests and knickers for women have the USP of responding to a woman’s body to help regulate temperature whilst at the same time reducing the odour from the sweat.

This offers a great opportunity to add a profitable range, with a high demand from a large target audience, to your current sales offers.

Background on the Company

We are a London-based startup incubated by a large global apparel manufacturer that is focused on bringing new-to-market technologies for women’s health. Please get in touch with us via the contact box above or via [email protected] so that we are able to share more information.

The Sales Agent Opportunity

We are looking for sales partners that have existing sales channels, contacts, and customers that can be approached across the UK and Ireland to sell our products.

We are happy to discuss a business arrangement with independent sales agents, sales agencies, businesses within the garment or women’s health and wellness sector, suppliers, resellers, online sales channels, and any organisation that currently focuses on customers in the target market.

We will also discuss an employed sales position with highly experienced sales professionals in the market place.

To discuss this opportunity please contact Alexandra, using the Dialogue Button below or the direct contact details ([email protected]).