Build Your Own Business with SecurityTrust

Build Your Own Business with SecurityTrust

Take charge of your future in partnership with SecurityTrust and build your own business with a potential to earn a 6 figure income.

We are an innovative provider of insurances direct to individuals, and to companies and groups for their employees or members.

Our mission is to offer extraordinary solutions at an exceptional price. Our sales agents sell truly unique health, business and lifestyle insurance products. We have changed the way insurance is provided, created products that customers want, and made the customer journey smooth and simple.

We will teach and help you to build your own successful business with our world-class training program and ongoing Continuous Professional Development.

To get you on the fast-track you will be provided with a roadmap to success. A turnkey system that includes leads and powerful client development strategies where, in return for providing security and peace of mind to your clients, you can earn a significant long-term income.

Take the first step to securing your financial future and build your own business with potential earnings of 6 figures by following our proven plan.

The SecurityTrust Offering to Sales Agents

As a sales agent for SecurityTrust you will be selling truly unique health, business and lifestyle insurance products to businesses, groups, and direct to the public The products are designed to be appealing and affordable, and the first on the market that gain long term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

This new approach to insurance offers you:

  • Continuity remuneration plan offering significant long-term income.
  • Use of the latest technologies and business development systems.
  • Security with products underwritten at Lloyd’s of London.
  • Full training and support, we want you to be successful.
  • Lead generation for prospects.
  • Huge virgin target markets.

Plus, an exciting career path with the support of an international company to help you to achieve a potential 6 figure annual income, which our top performers are currently achieving.

The SecurityTrust Business

With offices in London and Stockholm, we are a provider of innovative insurances for personal & family protection, and to companies and groups for their employees or members.

SecurityTrust’s flexible online quote and bind technology provides a smooth and easy customer journey, with unique and value for money products, and automation simplifying the entire customer experience.

We have re-imagined how insurance is done by:

  • Offering highly creative solutions with huge new markets.
  • Use innovative technology that enhances the customer experience.
  • Providing products with high customer engagement beyond traditional insurance.
  • Creating exciting new lifestyle insurance products that people actually want to buy.
  • Investing in Innovative systems that reduce expense and automate sales and administration.

Now you can be part of this revolution in how insurance is presented and provided and gain the rewards.

Take the Next Step to a High Earning Future

If you have worked in sales, have business experience, or are looking for a new self-employed opportunity, and can handle the challenge of running your own business, we want to hear from you.

Like any successful business, this opportunity can be tough, require hard work, and agents need a positive attitude. In return we can offer you a fast, exciting and engrossing self-employed opportunity with potential earnings of 6 figures per year.

Click the button below and tell us about you, and why you want to work with SecurityTrust.