Sales Agents UK is cooperating with providers of services and products that are highly relevant and valuable for principals and sales agents. Below you will find a list with services that we wholeheartedly recommend you to consider. This page will be updates as soon as we decide to endorse other services/companies.


Sales lead generation

By receiving a constant flow of incoming sales leads you boost the success rate of both your employed sales professionals and your sales agents significantly. Commission sales agents are more likely to want to work for a company that makes the effort to create sales leads for them. A professional sales agent will always be able to create their own sales leads but if the principal goes the extra mile to provide regular extra leads for the agent it’s a huge plus. Lean how you can accomplish this here.

Insurance for Sales Agents

Colmore Insurance Brokers Ltd have been working behind the scenes looking at how they can bring added value, services and benefits to sales agents on the website.

One area that has continually cropped up is the issue around the insurance needs of self-employed sales agents, and whether insurers understand their needs.

More information here.