Developing Experts are looking for bloggers, sales agents, telemarketers, and influencers who have the ability to drive traffic to our website and receive a 20% commission for leads that become subscribers.

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Developing Experts brings scintillating science to home learning and school classrooms. We are a brand new but tested product, which our customers love and rave about. Once an individual pays a visit to our site it usually results in a sale.

Our target audience is parents with children aged 4-14 years who want to support their child’s science learning and revision. You can offer a free 28 day trial and leave the selling to us.

Developing Experts – What we offer parents and teachers

Developing Experts is a complete science curriculum solution for children aged 4 to 14 years.

It provides a growing library of over 700 interactive, online lessons with practical investigations, handouts and assessment for learning activities fully mapped against multiple curricula including the National Curriculum. The annual subscription for Developing Experts is just £59.99.

Our science lessons have been designed with the help of global experts from industry and university, who have each shared their knowledge to help us create a world-class teaching resource, narrated with unforgettable stories brought to life with amazing imagery, video and fun science experiments.

You can offer parents and teachers the opportunity to bring science experts into the classroom or home.

Our assessment tools enable each child’s progress to be tracked through our interactive online quizzes, with the added benefit that each child and parent can revisit lesson content at the click of a button.

In short, you will be offering a product that empowers teachers and parents to teach science with confidence and ease.

We recommend that you log in to create your own free trial account to experience first hand why our product is a straightforward sell. Test the product by creating your own free trial account at:

Become a Sales agent – Affiliate – Lead generator

Sales agents, lead generators, affiliate and online marketers, you now have the opportunity to earn commission by sending leads to the Developing Experts website, encouraging them to open a free trial account, and letting us close the sales. Our call centre secures a 60% sales conversion rate from leads visiting the website and creating a trial account.

You will earn a 20% commission on the value of each nett sale from customers using your unique 10% discount code. At the end of each month you will receive a sales report and be asked to raise an invoice to receive your commission.

We provide animated banners in an assortment of sizes for you to use to promote Developing Experts, together with monthly email copy and a promotional film:

As our brand builds its profile and product range we will become the go-to place for learning, which will offer you more commission earning opportunities.

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