A Product the Entire Food and Drink Sector Will Want to See

Sales agents required in the food and drink sector to sell an easy, low-cost way to eradicate flying insects and comply with food-hygiene regulations.

The No-Fli system offers an alternative to poor quality products with real financial and hygiene benefits that customers will want to hear.

We are looking for face-to-face independent sales agents throughout the UK and Ireland, and telesales agents, selling to the hospitality food and drink sector.

Sales agents have the opportunity to build a residual commission and an attractive income.

The Product

For the equivalent of just 22p a day the end user receives a system for eradication of flying insects that they will never need replacing, and which is also more hygienic and environmentally friendly than the alternatives on the market.

We have had great success in the hospitality industry: sandwich shops, cafes, take outs, pubs, restaurants, and hotels, and sales agents working in this sector will find the No-Fli system a valuable addition to their sales offers to customers.

The No-Fli system is a high-quality product manufactured in the UK. Unlike the cheap zappers that are imported from Asia, which frequently malfunction, the No-Fli is a reliable product that doesn’t have to be replaced after just 2 or 3 months, making it financially beneficial for the customer.

When you show customers the hygiene benefits of the eradication system they will change the way they look at flying insect control.

Watch the video on our website at https://www.no-fli.com/ to see why the No-Fli system is superior to its competitors and readily accepted by customers.

We are looking for sales agents throughout the UK and Ireland to sell a subscription to the end user for the No-Fli system. The cost is approximately 22 pence per day for which they receive:

  • A unit to house the glue board.
  • 2 UV bulbs, as the bulbs need replacing every 12 months.
  • 12 replacement glue boards, as the glue boards need replacing every month.
  • In addition, whilst subscribing the end user receives a life time guarantee on the product.

The company

No-Fli Ltd is a young company based in North Yorkshire. We manufacture a range of glue board fly control equipment and sell the replacements through a unique subscription system direct to the end users.

Currently there is a great opportunity to sell the high-quality glue board fly control into any end users that serve or prepare food and drink as the market is totally saturated by cheap imported high voltage zappers. Our products offer an alternative with real hygiene and financial benefits that customers appreciate and want.

The sales agent role

This is a commission based, self-employed, sales agent role that offers the opportunity to build a lucrative residual income as commission is paid every year that the subscription is in operation.

The opportunity is open to both face to face sellers and telesales agents throughout the UK and Ireland.

The ideal sales agents for this opportunity will already be selling into the food and drink sector.  Any business that prepares or serves food or drink is a potential customer for the NoFli system. The target market for this product is huge, and includes businesses of all sizes:

  • Sandwich shops.
  • Restaurants of all sizes.
  • Coffee shops and take-aways.
  • Education and public buildings serving food.
  • Pubs, bars, hotels, and tourist and visitor attractions.

Consider the number of businesses preparing or serving food and drink within easy reach of your location and you can see the scope of the potential market for the No-Fli system.

To discuss this opportunity further please send your contact details, with a brief message on your current sales activity, by clicking the button below.